About Us

Helping People With Hard Water Issues for over 30 Years

We are a typical mom-and-pop shop. In 1989, my wife and I first used magnetic water conditioning. At the time, we were more interested in them because of the health advantages we had read about.

The treatment of our hard water was merely a bonus for us. We quickly began to see some of the changes the conditioners made to our hard water. Our dish soap and shampoo produced more suds than we ever expected.

We were hooked at that moment and we became distributors for Softron one of the first producers to manufacture them in the United States (Europe had been using these for many years before America caught on).

We designed our own magnetic conditioners and began producing them in the early 1990s.

We made a number of improvements to our design over the first years. In 2002, we changed from ceramic magnets to neodymium magnets (the strongest you can get), and never looked back.

We take great pleasure in providing excellent customer service and work hard to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.