Magnetic Softener Sets For 1 Water Tank Homes

Below you will find our Magnetic Water Systems in several different combination sets. So if you have a typical sized home with one hot water tank, these are designed to treat your whole house.

Typical Whole House Water Softener SetEach set consists of three of our standard conditioning units. For a typical installation, place 2 units on the cold water line coming into the house. Above all, this in effect treats all the water in the home.

So, put the third unit on the output of your hot water tank. Because of the continued heating of the water 24 hours a day, the magnetic charge on the water is reduced. The effects of the magnetically induced field on the water last for approximately 48 hours.

As a result, after 48 hours the calcium and magnesium molecules in the water revert to their natural state. The molecules will once again start clumping together and attaching themselves to your pipes and fixtures.

Therefore, we offer configurations in two different strengths. First of all, our Neo Plus line treats up to 20 grains of hardness (mild water hardness). And our Neo Max line can treat up to 60 grains of hardness (extremely hard water).

Because some low-flow appliances don’t move enough water in 48 hours, we developed our Mini units. These are for things like refrigerators and toilet water lines. Click here to see Mini Softener examples in our installation instruction page.

Because some want to deep dive into the science of water and magnetics, click this link to learn much more.