Questions People Also Ask... and Answers!

Do magnetic water conditioners really work?

Not in all cases, but in most. Here's the short answer.

If you're used to salt or chemically softened water, you may not be happy with magnetic treatment.

If you've been living with untreated hard water, you will probably be very happy with our units.

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What are the benefits of magnetic treatment?

  • Much more healthy than salt softeners

  • Magnetized water... is good for you

  • No power or maintenance needed

  • Good for plants, pets, people

  • Easy Install, can go with you if you move

How do I know which set to order?

Click the one most like your home

Still not sure? Just call us

(509-309-2125 9 am to 6 pm Pacific time)

to discuss your situation.

How do I find the water hardness levels in my area?

If you get your water from a city or county, just call them and they should be able to tell you what your hardness level is in your area.

With wells, you can get a simple test kit for under $20 from places like Lowes, and Home Depot.

Do you have a return policy?

  • 1 year, no hassle, purchase price refund

  • No return authorization... send them back

  • No restocking fee

  • Like new condition not required

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