Please Note: Due to continuing supply issues, the plates may be either red or black (color is the only difference. The magnets may be silver or black (color is the only difference).

Magnetic Softeners For 2 Hot Water Tank Homes

These sets are put together for bigger homes. Usually, homes that are over 3000 square feet may have enough water pipes to require two hot water tanks.

Unlike our average home sets, these sets all contain 4 standard size magnetic water treatment devices. So we need to put two of them on the cold water line before it tees off to the rest of the house and the other two on the hot water tank outputs.

As a result, you need four units to make sure that magnetized water makes it to all the pipes and faucets within 48 hours. Also, we sell sets that include one or two mini magnetizing devices for appliances that don’t use a lot of water. This includes things like the water line on your refrigerator or the water line to your toilet.

For more information on the mini-units, check out our installation instructions. Before you choose the conditioner set you want, make sure you have some idea how hard the water is in your area. So, if you have over 20 grains of hardness you should use our Neo Max conditioners to get the best results possible. But, if your hardness level is below that, the Neo Plus line will work for you.

Finally, for some very deep technical writing about magnets and their effects on water, click the link below.

The science of magnetized water and it’s effects on calcium carbonate deposits, calcite crystals, and CaCO3.