Treatment Sets For On-Demand or Instant Hot Water

So… here we have magnetized water treatment sets for you homeowners on the leading edge. If you have done away with your hot water tank and replaced it with on-demand, instant, or a tankless water heater… the eco-system loves you.

And now here’s a reward you probably weren’t expecting, you only need two of our standard units to treat your whole house! Because you don’t have a hot water tank, you don’t need an extra unit to rejuvenate the hot water.

Is my water kind of hard or really hard?

So now you only have a couple of things to consider when making your purchase. First of all, you need to have some idea of how hard your water is. Then you’ll know which line of our units is right for you.

Because, if your water is under 20 grains of hardness, our Neo-Plus units will take care of your scale buildup problems. One way to tell if you have mild water hardness is if you have very little limescale or calcium build-up on your faucets and fixtures.

However, if your water is more than 20 grains of hardness, then you really need our red Neo-Max magnetizing units. Unlike mild water hardness conditions, the signs of very hard water are much easier to spot. if you see quite a bit of white buildup (usually calcium, magnesium, or limescale deposits) then you have very hard water.

Small Units For Small Lines!

So, we have sets that also include either one or two mini water magnetizers. these are for things like the water line to a toilet or the back of a refrigerator. Basically any water Appliance in your home that uses a low volume of water. This is because magnetized water will revert back into what we consider hard water, after about 48 hours.

To see more examples of low-flow devices and mini magnetizing units, click this sentence to go to our installation page.

Also, if you really, really like science, this next link will take you to many documents. So, you can enter the world of research about magnetics, water, CaCO3, calcium, calcite, and carbonate!