Magnetic Water Treatment for Pools and Wells

Magnetic Water Softeners

Pools, Spas, and Wells

More About Long Pipe Treatment From A Well

Below is a drawing that shows treating a pipe between the home and the well. Once again, there are so many different situations that I can begin to cover all the different scenarios here. Please call me to discuss your specific situation.

Magnetic Water Softeners for Wells

Hard Water Treatment for Homes With a Well
Take a look at the diagram below and you’ll see that homes with wells are usually very similar to homes fed by a municipal water supply. The biggest difference between the two is the need for a pressure tank if you have a well system.

Without a pressure tank, your well pump would have to turn on every time you got a glass of water or flushed the toilet. It’s the job of the pressure tank to substantially reduce the number of times your well pump turns on.

The basic plumbing beyond the pressure tank is normally no different than the average home. So this is where we would place 2 softeners (either Neo Max or Neo Plus depending on the hardness of your water). And once again we want to recharge the water leaving the hot water tank, so one more is placed here.

Diagram of Homes With Wells

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Long Line to Well Situation

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If Your Main Line Tees Off Before it Gets to The House

Sometimes, when the well was drilled and they ran the pipe to the house, the line was split before it got to the house. There’s a lot of different factors that come into play here as far as whether or not you want to treat this piece of pipe. It not only depends on the length from the well to the tee, it also depends on how far it is from the tee to the end of the line. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your specific situation if you are interested in treating the section of pipe from the well to wherever it may go.

Diagram of Pipe Splitting off Before the Home

Magnetic Water Softening…

Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, and Spas!

See and Feel the Benefits of Magnetic Conditioning Within Hours!

Couple Enjoying a Hot TubMinimize algae and reduce maintenance! Our magnetic units help in the reduction of algae, improve the clarity of your water, and save you maintenance time and money on your Pool, Hot Tub or Spa.




Woman in SpaMagnetic water conditioning for your swimming pool, or hot tub will actually improve the feel of the water. Pools and hot tubs are closed loop systems, which means that the water is constantly re-pumped, re-filtered, and if you have either our Neo Plus or Neo Max units in place… your water is continuously being treated over and over again. This not only produces silky feeling water, it improves the odor of the water (that strong chlorine smell you always get), and it reduces irritations to your eyes!


Reduce or Remove Lime-scale Build-up

Our units will help to reduce or eliminate the whitish scale and chemical build up that develops at the waterline of swimming pools and hot tubs. It should make cleaning much easier and in many cases it turns that build up into a film that will just wipe away.


Helps To Balance pH levels and Reduce Chemicals

Beautiful Swimming PoolOne of the most surprising benefits of magnetic treatment on swimming pools and spas is the way it will actually impact the pH levels of the water. We always recommend that you watch the pH levels especially close after placing our units. After a couple of days you should be able start reducing the amount of chemicals you use to balance the pH in your pool or spa.



Lower Those Chemical Costs!

Along with the reduction of chemicals mentioned above… is a reduction in costs. Over a period of time our units will pay for themselves in cost savings alone. After that, it’s as if they pay you every month to use them.


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