See and Feel the Benefits Within Hours!

Minimize algae and reduce maintenance and chemicals! They also help improve the clarity of your water and save you maintenance time and money on your Pool, Hot Tub or Spa.

They can actually improve the feel of the water. Pools and hot tubs are closed-loop systems, which means that the water is constantly pumped, filtered, and re-magnetized. And… if you have our units in place your water is continuously being treated over and over again. This not only produces silky feeling water, but it also improves the odor of the water (that strong chlorine smell you always get), and they reduce irritation to your eyes!

Reduce or Remove Lime-scale Build-up

Our units will help to reduce or eliminate the whitish scale and chemical build-up that develops at the waterline of swimming pools and hot tubs. They should make cleaning much easier and in many cases, they turn that build-up into a film that will just wipe away.

Helps Balance pH levels and reduce chemicals

One of the most surprising benefits of magnetic treatment on swimming pools and spas is the way it will actually impact the pH levels of the water. We recommend you watch the pH levels especially close after placing our units. After a couple of days, you should be able to start reducing the amount of chemicals you use to balance the pH in your pool or spa.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping
Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping