Typical Home Magnetic Softener Set w/Mini Unit



For Homes With 1 Hot Water Tank and Mild Hardness (with 1 mini)

The following set treats a typical house using a single hot water tank. This includes three Regular devices and one Mini conditioner that can be placed in minutes. These are for mild water hardness, not high.

Two devices are typically put on the main water line where it enters your house. The 3rd unit is installed around the output pipe of your hot water tank. These are targeted for dwellings that have a maximum 1″ ID (inside diameter) water lines.

The Mini softener may be installed on your small water line on the backside of the refrigerator for the ice maker, or the line beneath the sink that supplies hot water to the dishwasher. 

They can also go on the water line behind your toilet, a water feature, as well as on any other limited flow rate line you would like to augment. Adding this booster will make certain that freshly softened water enters the appliance. And it’ll slip into really hard to get into spots!

View the Water Quality Association’s page on scale deposits.

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