On Demand Home Treatment w/Mini - for Mild Water Hardness



On Demand/Instant Hot Water Home Treatment and Mini Unit

This is a set contains an on demand home set (2 Neo Plus standard conditioners) and one mini. It’s designed for just about any size of home that has instant hot water.

When we talk about on demand we’re talking about instant hot water or instantaneous hot water systems. These can be either gas or electric, but the point is there is no holding tank that heats the water 24/7

Because you don’t have the water held in the tank and being heated 24 hours a day you don’t need to place an additional softener on the output of the hot water device to rejuvenate the magnetic charge. So yet another good reason to get rid of the traditional hot water tank.

We’ve included a mini softener with this set for those of you that might have a low water flow device that would require extra treatment. By low flow device we are typically referring to an ice maker on your refrigerator, a toilet that doesn’t get regular use (like a guest bathroom), a dishwasher, or possibly a shower at the far end of the house.

As shown in the picture the mini is smaller than our standard units by far, and is intended for water pipes in the quarter inch to half inch range. Also, they will fit in a much tighter spot with very little clearance.

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