On Demand Home Water Treatment Set and 2 Mini Units


On Demand/Instant Water Softening Set with Two Mini Units

This set is designed for buildings with instant or on demand hot water heaters and up to 1 inch ID pipes! It has 2 Standard devices that usually can be placed in a few minutes. Normally 2 magnetic water conditioning devices are put on a cold pipe where it enters a home.

Because you aren’t holding and heating water inside a big tank, you don’t require a 3rd softener to re-magnetize that water. On Demand Magnetic Softener Set and 2 Mini Units.

Our Mini can be placed over the small water pipe in back of the refrigerator that feeds your ice maker, the water pipe beneath the sink to your dishwasher, the water pipe in the rear of the toilet, a water fountain, and for any other low flow water line you may want to boost. Installing the booster can assure fresh magnetized water entering the appliance.

Coffee makers with a plumbed water line can also use one of these. And they can fit in very limited places!

Water Magnets P103M2
Manufactured by: WaterMagnets.com
Product ID: conditioning-set-p103m2