Single Mini Magnetic Softener



Small Water Softener for Low Flow Devices

The Neo Plus Mini softener was designed to treat smaller appliances and to fit in tighter places then it’s much bigger brothers. The effects of magnetic water treatment begin to fade approximately 48 hours after the water is treated. Many smaller items such as an ice maker may not be able to move the water from the point it’s treated to the ice maker itself in 48 hours.

So in this example, you would place a mini on the 1/4 inch line on the back of the refrigerator to assure that only freshly treated water enters the ice maker.

Our Mini Magnetic Softener can also be placed over the pipe beneath the sink that goes to your dishwasher, the water pipe in the back of the toilet, a small water feature, or any other low flow water line you would like to boost.

The installation of this booster can assure freshly treated water goes into the device.


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