High Power Magnetic Softening Set and 2 Mini Units



Very Hard Water Set for Typical Homes (includes 2 Mini Softeners)

This set softens an average-sized home with only one hot water tank. It has 3 MAX standard-sized conditioners that can usually be put on the pipes in minutes.

Normally, 2 magnetic conditioners are placed on the cold water pipe before it splits off. The 3rd one goes on the output line of your hot water tank. For homes with up to one inch ID (inside diameter) water pipes.

The mini units can be placed on the small water line in the rear of the fridge for an ice maker, a line beneath the sink to your dishwasher, the water input line to you toilet, a water feature, and on any other low flow line you may want to boost.

Installing our boosters can assure freshly magnetized water enters the appliances. And they can fit in very small places!


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