On-Demand Hot Water Set W/Mini for Visible Scale



On-Demand Hot Water Home Set W/Mini for Visible Scale

This set is designed for dwellings with on-demand hot water heaters and up to 1 inch ID (inside diameter) lines! It provides you with two MAX Standard devices and one Mini Max that can usually be placed in just minutes. The two standards are put over the cold water pipe where it comes into your home.

The Mini may be put on the small pipe in the rear of your refrigerator to treat the ice maker, the water line underneath your sink that feeds the dishwasher, the water inlet in the back of a toilet, a water fountain, and on any other low flow water pipe. The placement of this booster can assure freshly conditioned water enters our device.

Commercial coffee machines with a water line can also stay scale-free with just one of these. At 2 3/4″ x 2″ x 1 1/4″ it can fit in very small places!

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