Magnetic Treatment for Tankless Homes (includes 2 Mini Softeners)



For Homes with On-Demand Hot Water Systems and Very Hard Water (also includes 2 Mini Units)

This set softens water in a home with on-demand hot water and treats 2 low flow devices. It has 2 high power softening units that usually can be put on the pipes in just minutes.

These 2 magnetic water treatment devices are placed on a cold pipe where it first appears in the house. For dwellings with up to one inch ID (inside diameter) water pipes.

The small water conditioners may be placed on the water line in the rear of the fridge for an ice maker, or the water pipe beneath a sink for your dishwasher. 

They can also go on the input line to your toilet, a water feature like a fountain, and on any other low flow line you may want to boost.

Installing a mini booster assures newly magnetized water enters the appliance. And they can fit in very small places! See our Installation Page.

Click here to view a water hardness map of the US.


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